Ralph Eyre

Born: 1917  |  Died: 2007

Ralph Eyre. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Chebogue, Nova Scotia. Active mid to late 20th century.

Ralph Eyre is best known for his whimsical and charming folk art….”the hundreds of polished bird-shapes That he and Winnie (his wife) produced yearly”. He worked with driftwood and other ‘as found’ materials in his carvings; making birds and people in situations. He was active till the end of his life. He has been widely collected privately and by museums. He signed in script and also with a stamp.

Ralph Ayre. Carving: “The Snake Charmer”:

Ralph Ayre. The Snake Charmer. 1970's.

Ralph Ayre. The Snake Charmer. 1970’s.

A carving of a Bird by Ralph Eyre:

Bird by Ralph Ayre. N.S.

Bird by Ralph Ayre. N.S.

His Mark:

Ralph Ayre. His mark.

Ralph Ayre. His mark.


Ref: Folk Art Maritime. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. (With thanks.)