Jim Tracy

Born: Active late 20th century - .

Jim Tracy. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Falmouth, Nova Scotia. Active late 20th century – .

Jim Tracy is a sculptor who works with ‘as found’ materials. He makes naive carvings of people, fish and animals with great imagination and colour. He is a regular participant in the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival.

A School of Mackerel by Jim Tracy:

Jim Tracy. A School of Mackeral.

Jim Tracy. A School of Mackerel.

Ref: Folk Art Maritime. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Deanne Fitzpatrick

Born: Active 1990 - .

Deanne Fitzpatrick. Fabric Artist. Rug hooker. Writer. Amherst, Nova Scotia. Active 1990 – .

Deanne Fitzpatrick was raised in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. She began making hooked rugs in 1990, hooking the rugs that she saw her mother and grandmother making. She has evolved her art, and makes her own designs and hooks them. Her designs are fluid and without boundaries and she hooks them with what can only be called an amazing and wonderful sense of colour. Deanne Fitzpatrick is collected widely, in museums and privately. She is in the permanent collections of several museums, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Deanne Fitzpatrick has written several books on the art of rug hooking and has also illustrated children’s book with her designs.

Ref: A link to a Wikipedia article on Rug Hooking with a brief history and reference to Deanne Fitzpatrick:


Wesley Hubley

Born: 1920  |  Died: 1991

Wesley Hubley. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Active mid to late 20th century.

Wesley Hubley, discovered by Chris Huntingdon,  was considered the ‘father’ of Nova Scotia folk art by him. Hubley took part in the first two Folk Art Festivals in Nova Scotia and he also appeared in the NFB film “Folk Art Found Me”. Wesley Hubley made carvings of birds, animals, fish and people. His works were usually painted in ‘as found’ colours and he often used ‘as found materials. His work is considered rare and is much sought after. Hubley is cited in ‘A Life of Its Own’ and ‘A Joyous Vision’*.

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Ref: The Black Sheep Gallery

Cyril Hirtle

Born: 1918  |  Died: 2003

Cyril Hirtle. Painter. Hirtle’s Beach. Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Active 1990’s.

Cyril Hirtle was a painter of naive landscapes and seascapes; pictures of the Nova Scotia that he grew up in and where he spent his life. His paintings are imaginative and striking. He is cited in A Joyous vision*.

Cyril Hirtle. With some of his paintings:



A painting of a Fisherman by Cyril Hirtle:






Ref: The Upper Canadian Jan/Feb 1993.

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Orran Hiltz

Born: 1901  |  Died: 1978

Orran Hiltz. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Decoy carver. Indian Point, Nova Scotia. Active mid 20th century.

Orran Hiltz was a decoy carver. He also was known for his carvings of miniature water fowl; including Mergansers. He is cited in both the Ferguson and Field books.


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