Phillip Melvin

Born: 1938

Phillip Melvin. Sculptor. Painter. Born: Lamanche, Newfoundland. Toronto. Vancouver. Active mid to late 20th century.

Philip Melvin worked principally with ‘as found’ materials. (Construction sites were a likely source of wood panels for his low relief carvings and paintings.) Often in trouble with the law; he spent time in prison and rehabilitation centres. He was often ‘on the street’ and would trade his work for food and drink. His art reflected people in society and on the news. Religion and politics were favorite subjects as was human foolishness. His pallet was ‘as found’ primary colors and his sense of humor was sharp and biting. His work is collected extensively in Museum and private collections.

He was shown in a 2000 Canadian Museum of Civilization Exhibition: “Under The Sign of the Cross: Creative Christianity in Canada.