Fred Trask

Born: 1946

Fred Trask. Painter. Digby, Nova Scotia. Active since the 1970’s.

Fred Trask almost always paints a story. He paints on ‘as found’ materials and surfaces and objects with acrylic paint. His work is naive, primitive and quite sophisticated. He often paints rooms, rooms with tongue and groove flooring and walls  and windows with a view. He signs his work on the front and the back and uses a red stamp with his name and mark.

A sample of his work. From the 1990’s.  His Father’s Barber shop. In this painting everything is tongue and grooved and there are two bright blue windows; someone is leaning in and listening to the story:

Fred Trask. His Father's Barber Shop. Acrylic on panel.

Fred Trask. His Father’s Barber Shop. Acrylic on panel.


Fred Trask. The stamp and signature used by him:


Fred Trask. His mark.

Fred Trask. His mark.