Some History of Folk Art and Artists in Quebec and Canada

   Have a look at the Artists Page. It is a list of all the known Folk and Outsider Artists in Canada. I am adding to it almost daily. Some of their work will be available for sale in the Gallery. I will be adding there as well. Use the search engine on the right of the site. All entries under that name will appear.

Here is an example of an Artist post: Les Mlles Blondeau, a little known and important family from Quebec City, active in the 1920’s and ’30’s:

Les Mademoiselles Blondeau. Sculptors. Quebec City area. Active 1920’s-1930’s. They signed with a stamp (Mlles H. Blondeau, Quebec) or wood punch; sometimes the mark was burnt into the wood and sometimes just stamped. And their work was often very good and very colorful. They usually made ‘bas relief’ or relief carvings though I have found one shadow box (unpainted) of a maple sugar scene.

An example; a ‘bas relief’ of two Quebec houses in winter (C. 1930). Stamped in lower left corner under the color:

Les Mademoiselles Blondeau Pair of relief carvings.

Les Mademoiselles Blondeau Pair of relief carvings.