Primitive folk art diorama of a Golden Eye Drake. Western Ontario circa 1900

Golden Eye Diorama 300p. testA wonderful primitive diorama of a golden eye drake in a marsh setting. Made by an unknown artist in western Ontario in the late 19th or early 20th century. The drake is standing in a marsh setting with carved bulrushes. Beautifully carved and full of detail, the carving has all of its original color with the old dry crackled paint. The artist has attached an etched mirrored glass label with the name golden eye drake. The drake carving has glass eyes.The bulrushes are carved wood with painted metal leaves. All original and in excellent condition.


The Steeplechaser Anonymous Quebec Wood Carving Circa 1900.

Originally made for a racing game aboard the Canada Steam Ship Saguenay cruise ships (Montreal, Quebec City, Murray Bay). This Steeplechaser, Number 14, was one of a set that raced on a track aboard the cruise ships to entertain the passengers on the St. Lawrence – Saguenay cruises.

Found in Quebec; this carving dates from the early part of the last century. It is full of energy and movement and retains its original colour. It is carved in a hard wood (Birch) by an anonymous artist; probably from the Quebec City – Charlevoix County area. About 15 inches long. SOLD

Anonymous Carving of a Steeplechaser c. 1910

Anonymous Carving of a Steeplechaser c. 1910


A Rooster by Barry Colpitts, Tangier, Nova Scotia.

A rooster with a certain “attitude” in full color by Barry Colpitts. A signature sculpture by the artist, full of motion and


A rooster by Barry Colpitts, Tangier Nova Scotia.

color. One of Nova Scotia’s best known artists, Mr. Colpitts has earned a wide international following.

A relief carving by Mark Robichaud, Beliveau’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

A rare early example of Mark Robichaud’s relief paintings: Hearts, Spade and Fish. In Mr. Robichaud’s original painted frame. It measures 15 1/2 inches by 11 inches sight and 21 by 16 inches overall. A brilliant relief carving by one of Canada’s finest outsider artists.

Hearts Spade and Fish

Carved relief painting by Mark Robichaud

A rare woodcarving of a Horse by Henri Lajeunesse, Joliette, Quebec.

A rare carving by Henri Lajeunesse, (1906-1998), from Joliette, Quebec. A sculptor of animals and people from the age of 70 until he passed away in 1998. A spotted white Horse measuring about 10 inches long and 9 inches high. The mane of the horse is cotton cord.

Spotted White Horse Henri Lajeunesse Jolliette, P.Q.

A primitive woodcarving by Henri Lajeunesse Joliette, P.Q.