Featured Works of Barry Colpitts

Barry Colpitts is from East Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Barry Colpitts lives and works in East Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia. He has been sculpting for nearly 25 years. He works with Black Spruce most of which he harvests and dries himself. He carves birds, animals and people. All in various sizes, from small to…well, big. Chairs have become of great interest to him more recently. They are full sized chairs that he makes himself and fills with carved images of every kind; from eyes that see everything  to birds that dance around the sitter. His impressions are full of colour and movement and energy. They are unforgettable.

The Bathing Beauty (and Birds) – 21″ high overall by 8″ deep and 8″ wide. – $275.00

Leopard – 8″ H x 10″ L x 4¾” W – $125.00

Rooster- About 14 inches long by about 13 1/2 inches tall.  –


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