The Steeplechaser Anonymous Quebec Wood Carving Circa 1900.

Originally made for a racing game aboard the Canada Steam Ship Saguenay cruise ships (Montreal, Quebec City, Murray Bay). This Steeplechaser, Number 14, was one of a set that raced on a track aboard the cruise ships to entertain the passengers on the St. Lawrence – Saguenay cruises.

Found in Quebec; this carving dates from the early part of the last century. It is full of energy and movement and retains its original colour. It is carved in a hard wood (Birch) by an anonymous artist; probably from the Quebec City – Charlevoix County area. About 15 inches long. SOLD

Anonymous Carving of a Steeplechaser c. 1910

Anonymous Carving of a Steeplechaser c. 1910


A Rooster by Barry Colpitts, Tangier, Nova Scotia.

A rooster with a certain “attitude” in full color by Barry Colpitts. A signature sculpture by the artist, full of motion and


A rooster by Barry Colpitts, Tangier Nova Scotia.

color. One of Nova Scotia’s best known artists, Mr. Colpitts has earned a wide international following.

A recent find: Nova Seagull by Daniel Deveau, Cheticamp, N.S.

A fine primitive Sea Gull with great feet. Carved by Daniel Deveau from Cheticamp in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Signed on the base, it is about 20 years old and 14 inches long.

A fine primitive Gull from Cape Breton Island

A fine primitive Sea Gull by Daniel Deveau, Cheticamp, Nova Scotia.

East Coast Trip

A cluster of yellow birds wood carving by Charlie Poirier, Cheticamp, Nova Scotiawood carvings by Charlie PoirierSome interesting things from the last trip to the East Coast.

A visit with Charlie Poirier in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. A “young new artist”, Mr. Poirier is a sculptor who is particularly interested in birds.

Shown is photo of the artist in his studio as well as a recent ‘cluster’ of birds by him. The third image shows two of his earliest pieces: the artist and his lady and a yellow bird in a branch.