Zenon Alary

Born: 1894  |  Died: 1974

Zenon Alary. Sculptor. Wood carver. Saint-Sauveur, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Zenon Alary. Sculptor. Saint-Sauveur, Quebec. Zenon Alary was born in St.-Sauveur-des-Monts, Quebec. In his study year in Montreal, Quebec he worked in stone; however, from the mid-1930’s on Mr. Alary sculpted in wood. He was known for his wildlife carvings and was first published in the Gauvreau book: Artisans du Quebec in 1940 (see References). He carved in Pine, Butternut and Basswood and occasionally in hardwoods including Walnut and Birch. He rarely used colour on his work. The example shown is a German shepherd carved around 1950 and signed by him.

A hanging carving of a Mallard by Zenon Alary:

Zenon Alary. Malard Duck.

Zenon Alary. Malard Duck.

Zenon Alary. His mark:

Zenon Alary. His mark.

Zenon Alary. His mark.



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