Elphege Valois

Born: 1894  |  Died: 1980

Elphege Valois. Sculptor. Causapscal, Quebec.  (B. Roxton Falls.) Active mid 20th century.

A prolific and varied artist; Elphege Valois filled his world (and his back yard) with his carvings of people, animals and birds. He often worked with ‘as found’ materials; particularly in his yard carvings. Elphage Valois  is known for his carvings of  Horses and Horse drawn vehicles as well for his sometimes stunning carvings of people especially in the form of carved heads. He usually finished his carvings with with varnish and ‘as found’  house paints.  He signed his carvings: ‘J.E. Valois’  using a wood-burning tool.

His carvings of smiling heads are exceptionally fine examples of Quebec naive and outsider art. In an interview the artist said that he ‘liked to make wood laugh’, and that he achieved this by putting teeth (in white plastic) in his carved heads.


A Carved Sulky and Driver by Elphege Valois:

Elphage Valois. Woodcarver. Victoriaville, Quebec. Sulky and Rider.

Elphage Valois. Woodcarver. Victoriaville, Quebec. Sulky and Rider.

Another example of one of his horse-drawn carriages (A ‘Vis-a-Vis’) in The Museum of Civilization:



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