Alcide Saint-Germaine

Born: 1911  |  Died: 1978

Alcide Saint-Germain. Sculptor. Saint-Antoine-Abbe, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Maker of primitive wood carvings that filled his yard in the village of Saint-Antoine-Abbe. Much of his work has many coats of paint as he would over-paint them as they became worn by the weather. He would also fill cracks and patch holes as they developed, using cement, plaster or whatever came to hand. M. Saint-Germain  made carvings of every size; including Giraffes that loomed up over the out buildings as you drove up the road. There were birds in flight hanging wherever there was space for them. He fortunately lived long enough to see his work recognized in an exhibit at the McCord museum in Montreal. Alcide Saint-Germain was an artist; his inspiration was  the world; and his art was his reaction to it. Alcide Saint Germain never signed his work.

A link to with a work by Alcide Saint-Germain. One of his favorite subjects: The Panguin: