Robert Cauchon

Born: 1897  |  Died: 1969

Robert cauchon. Painter. Claremont, La Malbaie, Charlevoix County, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Robert Cauchon worked for his father who was a blacksmith and carriage maker. He began painting in his spare time and developed a distinctive style of painting; one that was certainly influenced by the artists of the Canadian school who spent the 1920’s and 1930’s in the Charlevoix County and surrounding country-side. He became good enough to be invited to show in New York galleries in the 1930’s. One such show (with three pictures by Cauchon) at the Metropolitan Museum in New York featured naive artists from around the world including French artist Henri Rousseau.

Robert Cauchon worked with water colour and gouache on paper; painting scenes of Charlevoix using strong flowing lines and a simple palette of colours; pictures that were dynamic and full of energy. Cauchon never married and lived alone in Charlevoix; selling his work to summer visitors. After the 1960’s the Charlevoix school of naive artists fell out of fashion until recent years. Now galleries across Canada regularly feature their work.*

Robert Cauchon. A Charlevoix County Scene:

Robert Cauchon. A Charlevoix Scene. c.1960.

Robert Cauchon. A Charlevoix Scene. c.1960.


*There were several artists in this Charlevoix County group. Among them the painters and sculptors of the Bolduc and Bouchard families. The painters are featured in the publication listed below (“Charlevoix et ses peintures populaires”).

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