R. Leroy

Born: Active mid-20th Century.

R. LeRoy. Sculptor. Montreal, Quebec.  Verdun? Active 1930’s – 1950’s. There is not a lot that we know about this artist. It appears that he worked in Montreal, Quebec or in Verdun. (And/or in Ottawa)  He (or she) was a skillful artist who carved and painted the carvings in great detail. The carvings are done in the flat-plane manner that originated in Scandinavia but with much more attention paid to the facial expressions. And to their coloring. The eyes are usually painted. They are more realistic. The carvings are usually signed on the base in script: “Handcarved by R. LeRoy”  with a capital R in LeRoy. (See article on J. LeRoy.)

Here is an example of R. LeRoy’s work:


R. Leroy. Sculptor. Montreal, Quebec 1930's.

R. LeRoy. Sculptor. Montreal, Quebec 1930’s.


A detail showing the signature on the base:

R. Leroy. Sculptor. Montreal, Quebec. Signature.

R. LeRoy. Sculptor. Montreal, Quebec. Signature.