Olaf Trygg

Born: 1910  |  Died: 1993

Carl-Olaf Trygg. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Montreal, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec. Active mid 20th century in Quebec.

Carl-Olaf Trygg was the son of C.-J. Trygg. He came to Canada with his family in the late 1920’s and learned the art of woodcarving from his father. He returned to Sweden with his father and brother Nils in the late 1940’s where he continued to carve. He signed ‘C-O Trygg’ and his mark is occasionally confused with his father’s ‘C-J’.

A carving of a tramp by Olaf Trygg:

Carl-Olaf Trygg. Hobo. 1940's.

Carl-Olaf Trygg. Hobo. 1940’s.

The mark of Carl-Olaf Trygg on the base:

Carl-Olaf Trygg. Hobo. 1940's. The Mark.

Carl-Olaf Trygg. Hobo. 1940’s. The Mark.