Noel Huet

Born: 1919

Noel Huet. Sculptor.  Wood carver.  Cloridorme, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Born at Cloridorme, Quebec in 1919, Noel Huet was a carver of model ships and dories. M. Huet was known for the details included in his carvings. His models would include all the gear that would be seen in a fishing boat; traps, oars, buckets and hand lines with hooks and bait and with sails and rigging. His models were not all miniature in size; many ranged up to 24 and 30 inches long and they were  made using the same construction techniques that were used in the building of full sized boats. They were always painted. In an interview Noel Huet once said: “Les bateaux et la mer, c’est notre vie”. (‘The boats and the sea, that’s our life’.)*

Ref: Un Art Pas Si Bete. Cecile Gelinas, Musee de la Gaspesie, Quebec,1993.