Mme Paul Labrie

Born: 1921

Mme Paul Labrie. Sculptor. Painter. Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Mme Labrie was a painter and sculptor. She filled her yard with murals of people in every day occupations and at play.  She painted them on plywood panels and cut them out in relief. “I make reality….to make the old ways as they were.” She coloured using oil-based house paints. Mme Labrie also made drawings using pencil and crayon. She was first mentioned in Les Patenteux du Quebec.


Ref: Les Patenteux du Qubec. Louise de Grosbois, Raymonde Lamothe and Lise Nantel, Les Editions Parti Pris,     Montreal, 1978.