Michel Fedak

Born: 1954

Michel Fedak. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Saguenay, Quebec. Active mid-1970’s on.

Michel Fedak works primarily as a sculptor. He carves in Pine and his subjects are universal: Birds and animals and the people around  him. He has a strong and vibrant color sense and uses high gloss colours. He has been collected by several Canadian Museums. He usually signs on the base: ‘Fedak’.

I am including a link to a short biography of him on the Corniche Gallery Website as well as a link to The Canadian Museum of History where he has been collected.


A carving of a Pheasant by Michel Fedak:

Michel Fedak. Carving of a Pheasant.

Michel Fedak. Carving of a Pheasant.


Michel Fedak biography:


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Michel Fedak’s thoughts on creativity:

“All my life I’ve rubbed elbows with hard science. What I find incredible about folk art is that if you feel like making a cat that doesn’t really look like a cat, it’s no big deal! You’ve got the scope to create, you aren’t limited to a specific style — you’ve got all the freedom you want. I don’t want limitations. I don’t want to be hemmed in. I don’t want to feel that I have to arrive at this or that result.”