Louis-Emile Beauregard

Born: 1922  |  Died: 1989

Louis-Emile Beauregard. Sculptor. Wood carver. Saint-Adolphe-de-Dudswell, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Louis Beauregard made miniature models of the traditional scenes around him. Many of his models were mechanized and functioned as the real ones did. Farm machinery and rural life from 1920 to 1940, kitchen dioramas with the people at work and play and a school room with pupils and the teacher were some of his inspirations. His best known was a model of the general store, completely detailed from customers and inventory to a shotgun that breaks open to reload the shells. There is a permanent display of his miniatures in a Museum in Dudswell, Quebec. (See the link(s) below.) Beauregard was a “sculptor and handyman” and a Post Master by trade. His works were never sold while he was alive.

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