Levine Flexhaug

Born: 1918  |  Died: 1974

Levine Flexhaug. Painter. Climax, Saskatchewan.  Active mid 20th century.

Known as ‘Flexie’ (he signed his work ‘Flexie’), Levine Flexhaug was an itinerant self-taught landscape painter. He painted on ‘Beaver Board’ with oil-based house paint and signed his work “Flexie’ with the date. His career was an interesting one. See below.

“An itinerant artist who turned out endless variations of essentially the same idyllic mountain-lake scene, Flexhaug made and sold his paintings on the spot in national parks, resorts, department stores, restaurants, and bars across western Canada from the late 1930s to the 1960s. Painting a landscape fantasy for a society that had been shaped by the Dust Bowl and Depression, he transformed a generic image into paintings of richness and surprising invention.” – from “A Sublime Vernacular – The Landscape Paintings of Levine Flexhaug”.

A sample of one of Levine Flexhaug’s  landscape paintings:

Levine Flexhaug. Landscape with Moose.

Levine Flexhaug. Landscape with Moose.

His mark:

Levine Flexhaug. Landscape with Moose. His mark.

Levine Flexhaug. Landscape with Moose. His mark.


A link to two websites about Levine Flexhaug and his paintings: