Leopold Carriere

Born: Active mid-20th century.

Leopold Carriere. Painter. Piedmont (?), Quebec. Active mid-20th century.

Leopold Carriere was a primitive and naive artist. He worked with ‘as found’ materials usually making pictures of the surrounding Laurentian mountains. He often worked on existing painted canvases that he found at garage sales. He would paint over these and if he found parts of the existing picture to his liking, would keep them, adding his own elements around them. He would often glue in images cut out of books and magazines – or even coloring books. His pallet was bright and primary and his materials everywhere. His paintings were naive and very charming and effective. I am not sure of his dates; though he was elderly in the 1970’s.

An example of his work. Applied mixed media on a pre-painted background.. Signed with a label in the lower right:

Leopold Carriere. Applied mixed media. 1970's.

Leopold Carriere. Applied mixed media. 1970’s.

From a private collection.