Leon Bouchard

Born: 1920  |  Died: 2012

Leon Bouchard. Sculptor. Sainte-Hedwidge-de-Roberval, Quebec. Active late 20th century.

Leon Bouchard used ‘as found’ materials including  roots, rocks and other objects to “create scenes from his own life in sculpture” (his words). He placed these on the grounds and in the forest around  the house that he built himself, calling it “Le Petit Bonheur” (Happy Hollow). He created about 300 works; about 180 in wood and 120 in stone. There is a museum on site in Roberval, Quebec with many of his works ‘in situ’.

He has been collected by museums in Quebec and Ottawa and some  private collections.


An image of a rock carving with the artist:

Leon Bouchard with a stone carving.

Leon Bouchard with a stone carving.

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