Leo ‘Narcisse’ Robichaud

Born: -  |  Died: 2009

Leo ‘Narcisse’ Robichaud. Painter. Shediac, Nova Scotia. Active 2003 till he passed away in 2009.

Leo Robichaud was a naive painter. Leo Robichaud painted on anything and everything. And he painted in every waking moment even at meal times. A family member once said that he would paint in his bath if he could. He filled his paintings with the world that was around him with a very special focus on the human condition and our day to day lives. His work was joyful and filled with color. He painted most often on paper but any other material that came to his hands and signed his work: ‘Narcisse’.

The Red Taxi. Acrylic on Masonite by Leo Robichaud:

The Red Taxi. By Leo Robichaud.

The Red Taxi. By Leo Robichaud.


Ref: Folkartmaritime.

A link to a video about Leo Robichaud (a one man show at the Moncton Library):