Eugene Leclerc

Born: 1885  |  Died: 1968

Eugene Leclerc. (1885-1968) Sculptor. Wood carver. Sailor. Model Boat maker.  St.-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec.  Active from 1931.

Eugene Leclerc began building ship models after a ship board accident forced his retirement.  From the very beginning his models were sought after. By 1933 he was building them full time and had the help of his entire family.

Antonio Leclerc; made the smaller ones; “les petits goelettes canadiennes”.                                             Bernadette Leclerc: made sails and rigging.                                                                                                             Lucien Leclerc: made the boat accessories (barrels, lifeboats etc. on the decks of the models).       Paul Leclerc: the youngest at 9 years, made the lead castings for the anchors.                                           Madame Eugene Leclerc: was the expert at finishing and varnishing as well as mounting the                                                                      more  important sails and rigging.

The early pre-war models were full of color. With brightly painted hulls and accessories.

It is interesting to note that in the 1930’s they made every part of their model ships; from the lead anchors to the sails.

Eventually Lucien Leclerc took over the model business. (In the early 1950’s it was possible to by a kit of a wooden Leclerc model and make your own.)

An image from the period (in an issue of Modern Mechanix in 1936):

Leclerc Family. Image from Modern Mechanix issue of 1936

Eugene Leclerc and his family of model ship builders. 1936.


A link to an illustrated PDF history of the Leclerc family and their model making: