Joseph-Aime Houde

Born: 1932

Joseph-Aime Houde. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Riviere-Eternite, Quebec. Active late 20th century – .

Joseph-Aime Houde is known for his creche carvings. Beginning in 1989, the Village of Riviere-Eternite has had an annual display of carvings of Nativity Scenes or Creches; often each house in the village will display one in their yard – “it is important that each family make their own”.  Mr Houde has made a different one each year for over 20 years and has been collected widely, in Europe and elsewhere. Below is a quote by Emanuel Houde, Joseph-Aime’s son, from a CBC article on the annual displays (2010):

“Une crèche pour chaque maison. Au village, presque chaque maison arbore une crèche. « C’est pas mal toutes les maisons qui en fabriquent. Tout le monde embarque puis tout le monde oeuvre d’originalité […] C’est important de fabriquer notre crèche. Ça montre un symbole qu’on est tous ensemble », dit Emmanuel Houde, un résident du village.”

In 2004-2005 Joseph-Aime Houde made a life-sized creche.