Ivan Law

Born: 1885  |  Died: 1979

Ivan Law. Sculptor. Oshawa, Ontario. (Father of Gordon Law.)

Ivan Law, a farmer, carved from his experience. His subjects included farm scenes, animals, people and horse drawn models of farm machinery and buggies. His work was detailed and precise.

   He started carving at the age of 79 inspired by seeing a moose carving East of Quebec City.According to his son Gordon( 1914-2009), Ivan did over 600 pieces including human figures, horse & wagon teams, animal groupings & domestic work scenes, blacksmithing, milking cows etc. (M. Z.)


Ref:Kobayashi/Bird, A Compendium of Canadian Folk Artists (1985)

Ref:  Twas Ever ThusRobert McLaughlin Gallery. Price Collection of Folk Art. Toronto. 1979. (With photos of 3 works by Ivan Law.)