Hermenegilde Vigneault

Born: 1935

Hermenegilde Vigneault. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Natashquan, Quebec. Active late 20th century.

Hermenegilde Vignault lives in a small village on Quebec’s Lower North Shore. A cousin of the singer Gilles Vignault, M. Vignault carves and paints the birds and animals of the Lower North Shore region. The village lies East of Sept-Isles; it is about as far east as the road goes on that shore. (Quebec’s Highway 138 ends at Kegashka a few miles East.) He usually signs and dates his carvings and has been working since the late 1980’s.

Hermenegilde Vigneault is also a fiddler and has recorded a CD called “Les reels du sculpteur”. (‘The reels of the sculptor’.)