Edmond Massicotte

Born: 1875  |  Died: 1929

Edmond-Joseph Massicotte. Engraver. Montreal, Quebec. Active 1892-1929.

While Edmond Massicotte was not an outsider artist (he was formally trained); he is posted here due to his influence on so many painters and sculptors working in Quebec, both from inside the Academy and outside.

As an illustrator his most important contributions were the studies and illustrations he made of Quebec folklore as well as  of the old  traditions and celebrations. First published under the title “Nos Canadiens D’autrefois” in 1923; it contained the first twelve plates that illustrated these early 17th, 18th and 19th century traditions. Included were commentaries by the ethnologist Marius Barbeau and others. More illustrations of different traditions were added to further editions. One edition was published posthumously.

Here is an example of one of his colored prints. “Une Veillee d’Autrefois”:

Edmond Massicotte. Une Veillee d'Autrefois. 1915

Edmond Massicotte. Une Veillee d’Autrefois. 1915.


An example of his mark with the date (1915) under his mark and in the corner of the print:

Edmond Massicotte. His mark with the date.

Edmond Massicotte. His mark with the date.


I have put other references to him and his work on the site. Here is one link to the Gallery with prints for sale: