Edith-Marie Bouchard

Born: 1924  |  Died: 2009

Edith-Marie Bouchard. Painter. Sculptor. Moulin Cesar. Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, Quebec. Active mid 20th Century.

Edith Bouchard was the younger sister of artists Simone-Marie and Marie-Cecile Bouchard of Charlevoix County. Born in 1924, she didn’t begin to paint until the two older artists had stopped working. Simone-Marie had died and Marie-Cecile entered a convent. Her mother encouraged her to paint and, using Marie-Cecile’s colors and brushes, she painted. She had always sculpted. Smaller pieces for the Family shop, among many other things, and:  jewelry – little carved and painted Fish as brooches and earrings and a specialty of hers: carved and painted Maple Leaves with painted Charlevoix scenes on them. Her favorite subjects as a painter were naive pictures of house interiors that showed the traditions and customs of Charlevoix women. An art critic of the time commenting on Edith said: “Les soeurs Bouchard chantent leur Pays”.  (The Bouchard sisters ‘sing’ their country.)


A mounted and framed example of a carved and Painted Maple Leaf by Edith Bouchard. 1930’s:

Edith Bouchard. Painter. Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, Quebec. 1930's.

Edith Bouchard. Painter. Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, Quebec. 1930’s.


A self portrait by Edith Bouchard:

Edith Bouchard. Oil on board.

Edith Bouchard. Oil on board.

The label on the reverse of the self-portrait:

Edith Bouchard. Label.

Edith Bouchard. Label.


A Link to her Biography. Canadian Women Artist History Initiative website:


Edith and the Bouchard Sister’s Story. From ‘Le Patrimoine Immateriel Religeux website:


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