Crawford Slack

Born: 1855  |  Died: 1929

Crawford Slack. Painter. Athens, Ontario. Active late 19th-early 20th century.

Born in Wilsetown near Athens Ontario, Crawford Slack was self-taught and multi-talented. He wrote poetry (in the vernacular of rural Ontario), music and was also a musician himself. He worked as a carriage painter in Westport, Ontario, Montreal, Brockville, Ontario and eventually opened his own shop in Athens in 1913.

He painted the landscapes and pastoral scenes of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec and became an accomplished artist. His work can be found in collections in the Brockville – Kingston – Athens area and is becoming very much sought after in elsewhere in Canada and the U.S.

Referred to as “a Renaissence Man” by a biographer *Crawford Slack was known as mindful and generous. He often gave his work away or traded it for goods or services.  (It should be noted that some biographers give his dates as 1855-1927.)

*A link to a Biography of the artist by Sally Smid:


Shown below is a view of the Richelieu Valley titled “Along the Richelieu”. Signed and dated 1903:

Crawford Slack. Athens, Ont., (1855-1927) 'Along the Richelieu' Oil on Board. Signed.

Crawford Slack. Athens, Ont., (1855-1929) ‘Along the Richelieu’ Oil on Board. Signed.