Collins Eisenhauer

Born: 1898  |  Died: 1979

Collins Eisenhauer. Sculptor. Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Active mid 20th Century.

Collins Eisenhauer was a primitive artist. He began carving in 1964 after he retired. First with larger pieces that he put on his front lawn; painted wood carvings of Geese and water birds. And his impressions of people. After he was discovered (first by by Antiques pickers and dealers who were at first inclined to hide his real identity) and then, in the early 70’s, by the public), he began signing his carvings and his reputation spread. His work became topical and classical and attracted a great deal of attention.

Many of Collins Eisenhauer’s most interesting and strongest works are those inspired by classical themes; works such as Leda and the Swan and others inspired by society’s attitudes.

A Carving by Collins Eisenhauer:


Collins Eisenhauer. Nova Scotia. Man and Goat. 1976.

Collins Eisenhauer. Nova Scotia. Man and Goat. 1976.


His Mark:


Collins Eisenhauer. His Mark.

Collins Eisenhauer. His Mark.


A link to Collins Eisenhauer in Can. Mus. of Hist.: This Other Eden:


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