Clement, J.P.

Born: Active 1920's-1950.

J. P. Clement. Sculptor. Sainte-Adele, Quebec. Active 1920-1950.

J. P. Clement. Sculptor. Lived in St. Adele, Quebec.  Sculptor, folk artist and woodcarver. Especially of beautifully painted ‘bas relief’ carvings of the Laurentian mountains (and wildlife), north of Montreal, Quebec. His later relief carvings were usually signed: J.P.Clement and the larger ones were often framed. The earlier carvings were often not signed. His reliefs were always quite deep and they were always painted in ‘as found’ oil colors. His carvings sometimes had hunters or hikers, in woodland, or in mountain scenes, and with animals; and they were done in all  seasons.

Shown is an example of his signature:

Detail of a Relief Carving Signed JPClement 2

Detail of a Relief Carving Signed JPClement.


A framed ‘bas relief” by J.P.Clement. 1930’s.: (about 14 by 23 inches overall)

J.P.Clement. St. Adele Quebec. Bas Reliel A Deer in the Laurentians. 1930's.

J.P.Clement. St. Adele, Quebec. “Bas Relief”. A Deer in the Laurentians. 1930’s.