Claude Desaulniers

Born: 1958  |  Died: 2013

Claude Desaulniers. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Louiseville, Quebec. Active last quarter 20th century.

   Claude Desaulniers operated “Artisinat Claude Desaulniers” and was from Louiseville Quebec.Six generations of the Desaulnier family have been involved in woodcarving; making mainly birds; ornamental ducks, geese and decoys. Claude Desaulniers was the fifth. They worked in pine and their carvings were well painted. Claude Desaulniers’ father, Bruno Desaulniers, also carved (4th). Their pieces were generally signed with initials: “C.D.” “B.D.” etc. (One of Claude Desaulniers Goose decoys was in the McCord Museum’s Exhibition: ‘Simply Montreal’ in 2009.)

An example of Claude Desaulniers’ work. A Canada Goose; wall mounted:  

Claude Desaulniers. Carving of Canada Goose.

Claude Desaulniers. Carving of Canada Goose.