Clara Gingras-Boivin

Born: 1914

Clara Gingras-Boivin. Painter. Sculptor. Sainte-Foy, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Clara Gingras-Boivin was a painter of naive landscapes; scenes of traditional Quebec every day life and occupations. She painted cutting ice, gathering maple sap and other scenes from Quebec life. She also painted animals and buildings of the area around Ste-Foy. Clara Gingras-Boivin worked with oil paints on artist board and took her inspiration from her memories and imagination. She signed some of her work, but not many, with her first name ‘Clara’.

Clara Gingras-Boivin was also a model maker in collaboration with her husband Joseph Boivin (see the separate article on Boivin, Joseph).

Ref: Jean Simard, Pour Passer Le Temps: Artistes Populaires Du Quebec, Gouvernement du Quebec, Ministere des Affaires Culturelles. 1985.