Edmond Chatigny

Born: 1895  |  Died: 1992

Edmond Chatigny. Sculptor. Wood carver. Saint-Isidore, Quebec. Active mid-20th century.

A primitive artist, M. Chatigny made carvings for himself and for his yard and garden. From flowers to birds and animals. Edmond Chatigny was known for using one larger  carving as a platform for more carvings; sometimes they would pile up. An example sometimes seen is number of smaller animals and birds mounted on the backs of larger ones. He also had a fondness for flowers; often making large bouquets of them. His pallet had four colours for all of his works; red, green, brown and white; with very occasionally shades of these. He was first published in ‘Les Patenteux du Quebec’. Edmond Chatigny’s work is sought after and in many museum and private collections. Edmond Chatigny rarely signed his work.

Edmond Chatigny. Birds. An example of his work from his yard in Saint-Isidore:

Edmond Chatigny. Birds. 1960's.

Edmond Chatigny. Birds. 1960’s.


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