Bourgault, The Family Members

Born: Active late 1920's - .

There were many sculptors and wood carvers working in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec who were members of the  families of the three primary Bourgault brothers; Medard, Jean-Julien and Andre. Both male and female. There were siblings of the original three brothers,as well as nieces and nephews and the children of the three brothers  and cousins. And also we mustn’t forget their ancestors. The work of Medard, Andre and Jean-Julien is saturated with older inherited skills and memories. (Look in the gerneral Artist Index for separate articles on the family members.)

Harmonie Bourgault. Sculptor. A cousin of the Father of the brothers. He was known to have carved the Calvary at St.Pamphile-de-L’islet. (“Carved in the Medieval manner”. I was unable to find any images of it unfortunately.)

Alphonse Bourgault. B. 1890? Sculptor. Model Ship carver. Older brother.

Andre Bourgault. (1898-1958) Sculptor.

Jean-Julien Bourgault. (1910-1996)

Medard Bourgault. (1897-1967) Sculptor.

Antonio Bourgault. Sculptor. Model Ship carver. Older brother.  Both Antonio and Alphonse were lighthouse keepers and also worked in the studio of Medard Bourgault.

Yvonne Bourgault.  (B.1900?) Sculptor. Sister of the brothers. She was a colorist and a specialist in the smaller, delicate work. She worked with Medard in his studio. She also made shadow boxes. Occasionally, beautiful painted figures are found with her mark.

Alphonse Toussaint. Sculptor. (See photo below) See Separate article on Alphonse Toussaint.

Leon Toussaint. Sculptor. Both Alphonse and Leon Toussaint were nephews and worked in Andre Bourgault’s studio. See separate article.

Lucien Bourgault.  (B. 1922.)  Sculptor. Nephew. son of Antonio.

Jeannette Bourgault.  (1925-2010) Sculptor. Daughter of Medard Bourgault.

Celine Bourgault. Sculptor. She carved beautiful shadow boxes, sometimes covered with a celluloid window and complete with small sash bars. Occasionally, signed pieces by her are found.

Fernand Bourgault. (1932-)   Sculptor.  Son of Medard Bourgault.

Jacques Bourgault. (1940-) Son of Medard Bourgault.

Roger Bourgault. Sculptor. (1938-2008) Son of Andre.

J. P. Bourgault. Sculptor. Nephew. (?)

Gilles Bourgault. ‘Gils’ (1937-2005) Sculptor. Son of Jean-Julien Bourgault.

Jean-Raymond Bourgault. Sculptor. (1924-2010) Son of Medard. One of the most talented of the Bourgault family of artists.

Joseph Bourgault. Sculptor. Active 1930-1935. (?)

Gil Bourgault   (1937-2005) Sculptor. Son of J. J. Bourgault and Antoinette Caron.

Carmelle Bourgault.  Sculptor. Active 1950’s. Daughter of Medard.

Michelle Bourgault.  Born 1941. Known to have worked in the studio as a colorist; painting the wood carvings.

Jannine Bourgault  (1930-) Active 1970’s ?  Relation unknown yet.

C. H. Bourgault Seen: a Crucifix. The cross made of twigs and the Corpus well carved. Signed: C. H. Bourgault. Relation unknown.

A.M. Bourgault     Son or daughter of Medard Bourgault.   Seen: a carving of a Virgin and Child in a crescent shape. Signed. Exquisitely done.

Paul-Yvan Bourgault.  (B. 1956.) An academically trained sculptor.


Some Typical Carvings from the Bourgault Studios by Family Members:

A Shadow Box of a Tavern. Unsigned.  (1930’s-1940’s):

Bourgault Studio Carving of a Shadow Box of a Tavern. c.1940.

Bourgault Studio Carving of a Shadow Box of a Tavern. c.1940.


Two Book Marks. Signed: Alphonse Toussaint Bourgault:

Alphonse Toussaint Bourgault. Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec.

Alphonse Toussaint Bourgault. Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec.

The Mark of Alphonse Toussaint Bourgault:

Alphpnse Toussaint Bourgault. His mark.

Alphpnse Toussaint Bourgault. His mark.



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