Roger Bourgault

Born: 1938  |  Died: 2008

Roger-Andre Bourgault. Sculptor. Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec. Active mid to late 20th century.

Roger-Andre Bourgault, was the son of Andre Bourgault; one of the three original brothers. A fine sculptor in his own right; his characters often seem to come alive, especially his faces which were always taken from life. Originally trained in his father’s and uncle’s (Jean-Julien) studio; he went on to study art in Montreal at The Institute of Applied Arts. He was also known for his carvings in stone and his works in Bronze. he typically signed his wood carvings ‘Roger Bourgault”.

A carving of a Shoe Maker by Roger Bourgault. (1950’s):

Roger-Andre Bourgault. The Shoemaker. 1950's.

Roger-Andre Bourgault. The Shoemaker. 1950’s.

A carving of ‘The Notary’ by Roger Bourgault:

Roger Andre Bourgault. The Notary. 1950's.

Roger Andre Bourgault. The Notary. 1950’s.