Bernardin Perreault

Born: 1930  |  Died: 1996

Bernardin Perreault. Sculptor. Wood carver.  Frampton, Beauce, Quebec. Active mid-20th Century.

Bernardin Perreault was a sculptor of birds, animals, people and fine naive works of whimsy, sometimes involving people. He carved in Pine (occasionally with ‘as found’ materials) and always colored with glossy ‘as found’ oil paints. He usually signed his work on the base and the carvings of people in situations will often have a title on the front. Bernardin Perreault’s works are sought after by collectors, especially in Quebec, where most of them are found. (In Museum and private collections.)  In spite  of having a large body of work, his carvings are rare.

An example of his mark:

Bernardin Perreault, Frampton, Quebec. His mark.

Bernardin Perreault, Frampton, Quebec. His mark.

(Seen on the ‘Collectivator’ website: a fine and humorous carving of a religious, caught in one of life’s situations. Signed: Bernardin Perreault, Frampton.)


Ref: Adrien Levasseur. website.