Arthur Sauve

Born: 1896  |  Died: 1973

Arthur Sauve. Sculptor. Maxville, Ontario. Active early to mid 20th century.

Arthur Sauve was a sculptor and carver of all manner of things. He made Tramp Art picture frames and other objects as early as the 1920’s and went on to carve people; local characters and others such as bull fighters from the world at large. He also made several versions of ‘Le Corpus’; Crucifixes and showing in them often his tramp art history. He used ‘as found’ materials when he could, as well as ‘found’ colors (oil-based house paint). He was also known for his whirligigs; some of them unconventional and very functional. His career was long as he started doing whatever he could do for a living after returning from the First War too injured to work full time in a permanent job.

See the Gallery on this site for a Crucifix by Arthur Sauve (C. 1935).

Here is a link to one of his Whirligigs from the Canadian History Museum:

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