Arrmand Julien

Born: 1910

Armand Julien. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Pont-Rouge, Portneuf, Quebec. Active mid-20th Century.

Beginning in the 1960’s, Armand Julien made delightful painted carvings of farm animals and horses; alone or in teams at work on the farm. He usually, but not always, painted his work and signed them; with a chisel or in script; sometimes ‘Arm. Julien’ or simply ‘A. J.’ He made every kind of farm animal and occasionally farm equipment and models of buildings. Armand Julien was cited in The Canadian Antiques and Art Review.*

Shown below is a fine carving of a Sleigh and a couple of passengers; pulled by a brown Mare. Tin, Pine, String and paint. C. 1960.


A carving by Armand Julien with his mark:**


Armand Julien. Pont-Rouge, Portneuf, Quebec. Sculptor.

Armand Julien. Pont-Rouge, Portneuf, Quebec. Sculptor.


A detail of the mark on the base:


Detail of the mark.

Detail of the mark.


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