Alphonse Bergeron

Born: 1893  |  Died: 1979

Alphonse Bergeron. Sculptor. Ile-aux-Coudre, Quebec. Active mid-20th century.

A naive artist; maker of birds, waterfowl, farm animals, boat models and people. All in paint. he rarely sold his work but gave it to friends and family and he also never signed any of them. His work is powerful and full of color. He was first published in Lessard’s:  “La Nouvelle Encyclopédie des Antiquités du Québec”.

Three Birds by Alphonse Bergeron:

Alphonse Bergeron.

Alphonse Bergeron.


Here is a link to his work and a biographical note by his family:


Ref: Michel Lessard, La Nouvelle Encyclopdie des Antiquites du Quebec.  Montreal, Editions de L’homme,  2007.