Albert Deroy

Born: 1916  |  Died: 2004

Albert Deroy. Sculptor. Price, Gaspe, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

M. Deroy was a mill worker for twenty-five years until a car accident forced a change. He fished with his brothers at Metis, Quebec and soon began carving. Birds at first. Inspired by a book ‘from Quebec’ about a bird carver he began making his own bird carvings in his own style and colors. He carved  Gulls, Ducks and other shore birds. Many of them were flying birds with metal wings. Working with as found materials, he made them from drift-wood, lumber and metal, tin mostly, for the wings of the birds in flight. He began making models of boats on the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. ‘La Gaspesienne’, a fishing boat, was a favorite. He gave many away to family members and sold them along the river to travelers. He filled his yard with boats and whirligigs, windmills and cut-out, painted figures of people. His palette was bright primary colours and his colour schemes were very imaginary.

He was first written about in ‘Les Patenteux du Quebec’ and became widely collected in museums and in private collections.


Shown here is a detail from a whirligig by Albert Deroy.:

Albert Deroy. Price Quebec. Detail of a Whiligig. The Trotter.

Albert Deroy. Price Quebec. Detail of a Whiligig. The Trotter.


A flying Duck by Albert Deroy (1960’s):

Albert Deroy. Price Quebec. Duck. 1960's.

Albert Deroy. Price, Quebec. Duck. 1960’s.


An Early decorative bird carving by Albert Deroy:

Albert Deroy. Carved bird. 1970's.

Albert Deroy. Carved bird. 1970’s.


The mark on the base:

Deroy Mark. On Sumac wood.

Deroy Mark. On Sumac wood.


Ref: Adrien Levasseur. Website. And:  Sculpteurs en Art Populaire au Quebec, Editions GID, Quebec. 2012.