Alain Vachon

Born: 1969

Alain Vachon. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Painter. Chertsy, Quebec. Active late 20th century -.

Alain Vachon uses wood, metal and any kind of ‘as found’ material to make highly inventive and imaginative sculptures of birds, animals and people. His work is at times touching and inspiring. He colours his sculptures where appropriate and signs his work. M. Vachon also paints. His paintings are full of movement and energy and are essentially finger paintings. They are done with acrylic on wood panels.

A sculpture of a Turkey by Alain Vachon. (Metal, saw blades,wood,nails,old pliers and more):

And The Violinist by Alain Vachon, (Metal, Nails, Wire and Plastic:

A painting by Alain Vachon. Beauty’s Restaurant. Acrylic on Wood panel: