Adeodat Belanger

Born: 1916

Adeodat Belanger. Sculptor. Woodcarver. Saint-Gabriel, Rimouski County, Quebec. Active mid 20th century.

Adeodat Belanger was a primitive artist. His themes were religious and social. He made carvings of injured veterans of war for example as well as crucifix carvings and crucifixes in bottles – these were complicated and decorative. He was a maker of violins and carved clock cases and pipe shelves as well as small animals. Adeodat Belanger was comfortable carving in the round or making relief works and he also used ‘as found’ materials such as metal, glass, paper and fur. He made collages and assemblies with these materials. He didn’t paint or colour his carvings and he rarely signed or dated them.


Ref: Jean Simard, Pour Passer Le Temps: Artistes Populaires Du Quebec, Gouvernement du Quebec, Ministere des Affaires Culturelles. 1985.